Travel in time to joyful, bright and exciting Middle Ages!

Travel in time to joyful, bright and exciting Middle Ages!

The Medieval Market is Finland’s largest medieval and historical event held at the Old Great Square of Turku on June 28th to July 1st 2018, 12–20 on Thu–Fri and 12–18 on Sat–Sun.

The Medieval Market is about guaranteed marketplace atmosphere: hustle and bustle, happy reunions, rumors and pompous words about market peace, posh ladies and pretty maidens, noble gentlemen, vendors selling their wares and the market full of love!

At the Work Exhibition Area you can wonder the masterpieces from various crafters: items from the blacksmith’s forge, impressive jewelry, delicious ale and many kinds of handicrafts and tools manufactured using traditional methods. At the Activities Area for Children you’ll find the medieval games, plays and the cute little lambs. The hall of the Old Town Hall is the place where science, art and fashion shake hands.

The minstrels, jesters and troubadours in addition to many kind of entertainment provide a memorable journey to the medieval Turku for the whole family.

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