Can you hear the Middle Ages? Yes we can!

Medieval music and merriment will fill the city on 29th June – 2nd July 2017 when a large number of various musicians perform at the Medieval Market. Performances are held at the yard of Teini´s Beer House, The Stone Sauna, The Riverside, The New Middle Ages clubs at Baari and Bar Kuka and at TeiniFolk at the yard of the restaurant Teini.

Music programme 2017


Räikkä is wild female vocal group which performs medieval, profane music with humour and instruments of the era.

Comissatores Aboenses

Comissatores Aboenses delights their audience combining medieval European tunes and old Finnish legends. Their hilarious sound is based on wind instruments, percussions and classical singing.

Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät

Legendary Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät has rediscovered a unique roots-based vocal/instrumental style of ancient herdsmen combining traditional Finno-Ugric vocal elements with original instruments and unique performance.


Krabat have been playing their mix of medieval, folk and modern music on markets and festivals throughout Europe since 2010. On instruments such as the mandola, the keyfiddle, the shawm and the davul drum, they use existing melodies to create new arrangements, creating a repertoire of everything from languorous ballads to upbeat party music.

Härkätien Leikarit

Härkätien Leikarit plays medieval market music from all around the Europe. They will lead people to the musical journey from Härkätie of Finland to Spain and Italy via Flander and France.


Old music’s ensemble Muskotti plays tunes from the Middle Ages to Baroque. The band consists of six skilled musicians.


Tuhkatarha is a duo of Ella Isotalo and Antti Rask which plays medieval ballads. Although the stories of the songs are sorrowful, the atmosphere is very joyful!

Satu & Niiki

Satu Lankinen and Niiki Nuukinen are performing old tunes from the music of the shepherds to ballads and rune songs. Traditional instruments jouhikko, kantele and wind instruments together with singing create an interesting soundscape where meditative ambiance alternates with cheery and joyful melodies.

Lauluyhtye Raiku

Lauluyhtye Raiku is a vocal group from Turku, Finland.

Evening programme 2017

Pekko Käppi

The most popular jouhikko shaman of Finland plays merciless medieval blues that leaves no one cold. Pekko Käppi performs at The New Middle Ages-club at Baari on Thursday 29th June.

Sister Capricorn

Sister Capricorn is a one woman music group which creates atmospheric acoustic folk music. It performs at The New Middle Ages-club in Bar Kuka on Friday 30th June. There the sound of the group will be completed with different band instruments.

Untamo Perttu & Kakkorin Sahurit

Untamo Perttu & Kakkorin Sahurit plays electric versions of folk songs from the region of South Ostrobothnia. The sound of the band combines joyful twist and wistful instrumental rock with a light jazz and clamor of energetic ska. The aim is not only to lift the spirits but also make the listeners cut the rug.

Antti & Isotalo

The trio Antti & Isotalo combines folklore songs with grunge in an unlikely way. Violin, ukulele and contrabass create a diverse background for the singing where a whisper is never that far from a roar. The songs are rugged tales from the dark side of the region of Ostrobothnia.


Räikkä, the multi-talent of the Medieval Market, will stir up the ground in TeiniFolk even more than in the day time gigs. The concert will undoubtedly be special and unforgettable.