Ground trembles and the music plays!


The Medieval Market offers a large selection of medieval music from atmospheric performances to joyful market shows. Musicians, performers and vocalists at Teini’s Beer House, The Bath House and Riverside stage lead market-goers for one-of-a-kind journey to the world of medieval melodies.


Musicians performing during the daytime are: Räikkä, Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät, Härkätien Leikarit, Muskotti, Tuhkatarha, Lauluyhtye Raiku, Mielikki and Terhikki, Satu Lankinen and Inkeri Pohjantytär.


Music-oriented evening program will be published at the beginning of June.




Räikkä is a wild female vocal group which performs medieval, profane music with humour and instruments of the era. They have entertained market-goers with their boisterous performances since 2004.




Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät


Legendary Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät has rediscovered a unique vocal/instrumental style of ancient herdsmen combining traditional Finno-Ugric vocal elements with original instruments and unique performance.




Härkätien Leikarit



Härkätien Leikarit plays medieval market music from many different corners of Europe. They will lead people to the musical journey from Härkätie of Finland to Spain and Italy via Flander and France. This year their performances include two jugglers!







Old music’s ensemble Muskotti plays tunes from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The band consists of seven skilled musicians. Different kinds of flutes, rebec and fiddle bring joy to the listeners. The gentle sound of lute and harp is combined with rhythm of the drums.







Tuhkatarha, a skillful duo of Ella Isotalo and Antti Rask, plays medieval ballads. Although the stories of the songs are sorrowful as Shakespeare’s tragedies, the atmosphere is very cheerful!


Lauluyhtye Raiku



Vocal Group Raiku sings folk songs from all around the world. At the Medieval Market they perform a selection of timeless Nordic and Eastern European women’s and girls’ songs.


Mielikki ja Terhikki


Do you have an itch or some kind of scratch? Mielikki and Terhikki sing and enchant your ailments out of the shadows. Their program is made of strong beliefs and half-truths about men and manhood, of life lessons you may not want to follow, of rage of a betrayed woman, and of a tad of love.


Satu Lankinen



Satu Lankinen has studied old Finnish, Carelian and Ingrian music heritage. She combines melodies of traditional instruments kantele and jouhikko with rune songs and ballads to create a musical program that leads listeners to a bygone age.


Inkeri Pohjantytär


Inkeri Pohjantytär plays atmospheric tunes from the middle ages on her traditional kantele.