Instructions for visitors

Location of the event

The Medieval Market is organised in the Old Great Square of Turku on June 25th to June 28th 2020, Thu−Fri from 12pm to 8pm and Sat−Sun from 12pm to 6pm. Free entrance.

The Old Great Square
20500 Turku

The Old Great Square is located within the area of the following streets: Hämeenkatu, Uudenmaankatu, Nunnankatu and Itäinen Rantakatu. The distance from Turku Market Square to the Old Great Square is less than one kilometer.

The Info Service Point is at the corner of the Old Town Hall and Brinkkala Mansion. There are official event products for sale there. The visitors can also ask for more specific information on the programme, advice and assistance in case of emergency there.

Going to the area and moving there

We recommend you to use public transport since there is a limited number of parking lots nearby the Old Great Square.

The following buses run from the Market Square and stop by the Old Great Square: 2, 2A, 3, 6, 7, 7A, 9, 32, 32A, 36, 42, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 55A, 56, 60, 92, 93, 221, 600, 610, 612, 615, 700, 701 as well as P1.

It is forbidden to cycle in the event area. The area is also closed from traffic during the market and cars are not allowed in the area.

There is an accessible passage to the Old Great Square, Porthan Park, The Riverside, Teini’s Beer House and The Old Town Hall. The inner court yard of Brinkkala Mansion is cobbled, so the passage is slightly more difficult there.

You should also be prepared for crowds in the venue.


There are public toilets at the inner court yard of Brinkkala Mansion, inside of Brinkkala Mansion and  at The Old Town Hall. A toilet for the disabled is at the first floor of The Old Town Hall, entrance is from the backside of the building.

There are several litter containers around the area. Please use them! It would be great to keep the Old Great Square clean during the event.


The First Aid services are at the lobby of The Old Town Hall.

Unfortunately there have been pickpockets in the area in the last few years, and therefore, we kindly ask you to look after your belongings.

What to do when you get lost

The Medieval Market is a very big event with great number of visitors. There will be lots of hustle and bustle, so it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd.

If you get lost or person with you gets lost, head to the Info Service Point at the corner of the Old Town Hall and Brinkkala Mansion. If you find a lost person or a person who is searching for lost person, please guide him or her to the Info Service Point.

Food and drinks

The restaurants Teini and Löytö as well as the Turku Book Café in the event area are open all year around.

There will be medieval inspired food and drinks for sale at the market stalls during the event. There is also a serving area of Kuninkaantien Panimo at Brinkkala yard where you can nourish yourself.

Medieval costumes

What would be funnier way to enjoy the Medieval Market than to wear your own medieval costume! All kinds of costumes are allowed, but we kindly ask you not to use hats or other headgear that cover your face.


Only cash is accepted in the information service point. Nearest ATMs are in the corner of Eerikinkatu and Aninkaistenkatu about 250 meters from the area and in Hämeenkatu 5 in front of the Nordea bank about 600 meters from the area.