Medieval quiz

The Middle Ages – quiz

  1. You are on a trip in the Middle Ages. What is your biggest problem? A) Mosquitoes, B) Finding a place to sleep in, C) Predators
  2. In the Middle Ages, children played with different toys, which of these was not one of them? A)  stick horse, B) Pokemon cards, C) A doll
  3. Before Christianity, Finns had dozens of gods. Which god didn’t exist? A) Ukko, the god of thunder, B) Nyyrikki, the god of the hunting luck, C) Tummo, the god of the dummies
  4. At what age did you get married in the Middle Ages? A)  At the age of 30-35 , B) At the age of 10-14, C) At the age of 16-20
  5. Which of these might have been used as a bullet in a war? A) Cones, B) Wasp nests, C) Tomatoes
  1. What are “kurpposet”? A) Shoes, B) A floating ring for kids, C) Earrings




  1. The correct answer is A. Even though people were scared of predators, mosquitoes were a bigger problem, because they spread diseases such as malaria.
  2. The correct answer is B. Stick horses and dolls were popular, but Pokemon cards didn’t exist back then.
  3. The correct aswer is C. They believed in Ukko and Nyyrikki, but Tummo didn’t exist.
  4. The correct answer is C. In the Middle Ages, people got married early, even at the age of 16.
  5. The correct answer is B. Sometimes they did load the catapult with wasp’s nest to defeat the enemies.
  6. The correct answer is A. Kurpposet are made of a piece of leather with the edges tightened around the foot with a ribbon.



1-2 correct answers: You are a beginner, but great job!

3-4 correct aswers: Well, you know pretty much about the Middle Ages!

5-6 correct answers: Wow, almost like you were living in the Middle Ages!