The Brinkkala Mansion

Dance, music, puppetry and armaments exhibition.

Thu 28th of June and Fri 29th of June

Green Hall

13.30 Estonia Centre of Finland Proper: Viljandian Guests Teaching Dances! (For Children)
15.30 Estonia Centre of Finland Proper: Puppet Theatre for Children ‒ Tene Ruubel and the Three Little Pigs (Theater, For Children)
17.30 Estonia Centre of Finland Proper: Medieval Music School for Children: Songs, Games and Stories (Music, For Children)

Sat 30th of June and Sun 1st of July

Green Hall

13.00–14.00 and 17.00–18.00
WarusSeppäin kilta: Armaments in medieval Finland. Guided exhibition.

The Magistrate Session Hall

17.00 Muskotti and Unikankare Medieval Society: Dance Concert (Music and Dance)