Teini’s Beer House

A place where beer and wine flow like the Aura River. The hungry ones can also order foor in the restaurant Teini.

Thu 28th of June and Fri 29th of June

13.00 Satu Lankinen (Music)
14.00 Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät (Music)
15.00 Inkeri Pohjantytär (Music)
16.00 Satu Lankinen (Music)
17.00 Härkätien Leikarit (Music)
18.00 Tuhkatarha (Music)
19.00 Räikkä (Music)

Sat 30th of June and Sun 1st of July

12.30 Mielikki and Terhikki (Music)
13.00 Tuhkatarha (Music)
13.30 Vocal Group Raiku (Music)
14.00 Härkätien Leikarit (Music)
14.30 Tuhkatarha (Music)
15.00 Muskotti (Music)
15.30 Unikankare Medieval Society: Medieval Dance (Dance)
16.00 Vocal Group Raiku (Music)
16.30 Räikkä (Music)
17.00 Satu Lankinen (Music)