The Hall of the Old Town Hall

Here you’ll find a surprising combination of fashion, art and science. From the Middle Ages of course! Follow fashion shows, theatre and inspiring lectures.

Thursday 29.6. and Friday 30.6.


General Lectures by TUCEMEMS: At Turning Point. How did the changes caused by reformation show in the lives of ordinary people? (In Finnish)

12.00 MA Tanja Toropainen: Written Word For People Too Even Before Now – Reformation as a spark for the literarification on culture
12.30 MA Heini Kirjavainen: What Remains – The crowns of saints and the crosier of Turku Cathedral
13.00 PhD Suvianna Seppälä: Ecclesiastical Taxation After the Reformation
13.30 Break
14.30 Professor Irmeli Helin: They Did Hymn in the Olden Days – reformation as a culmination for parish singing
15.00 PhD Panu Savolainen: The End of the Dominican Convent of Turku, The Fall to Oblivion and The Resurfacing
15.30 PhD Meri Heinonen: Change, Shift, Continuum – reformation in the every day life of the Finns
16.00 Recitations by Turun Lausuntakerho: ”Tästäs sielus herkut”. Poems by Mikael Agricola

The Lectures are organized by Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies.


18.00 PhD Eva Ahl-Waris: Vad hände med Finlands medeltida kloster efter reformationen? (In Swedish)



General lectures by Glossa ry: Medieval Finland or Sweden’s Österland? Finland in the search of its medieval past 1917-2017 (In Finnish)

12.00 Opening of the Seminar: Glossa ry’s chairman PhD Reima Välimäki
12.15 Docent Marko Lamberg: Physically Far, Mentally Close or the Other Way Around?  ‒ The sea, the winter and the culture as separating and unifying factors between Finland and Sweden
13.00 PhD Eva Ahl-Waris: Synen på Nådendals kloster ‒ en bro mot väst och Finlands lärdoms vagga
13.45 Break
14.15 MA Maria Kallio: Medium of the Past ‒ Jalmari Jaakkola and the romantic nationalism
15.00 PhD Derek Fewster: When the Days of Yore Became the Present ‒ The phases of development of the Finnish national Middle Ages
15.45 MA Ilari Aalto: The Middle Ages of the Heroes of the Baltic Sea -series
16.30 MA Lauri Leinonen: Diplomatarium Fennicum ‒ Sources of Finnish Middle Ages in 2017

Saturday 1.7. and Sunday 2.7.

13.00 Medieval Fashion Show
14.30 Medieval Fashion Show
16.00 Fashion Show of Musical Instruments (Music)


General Lectures by Association Suomen Numismaattisen Yhdistys (In Finnish)

13.00 Petteri Järvi (Turku Museum Centre and Association Suomen Numismaattinen Yhdistys): Medieval money finds at the city excavations of Turku
14.00 Docent Tuukka Talvio (National Museum of Finland): The surviving treasures from the coin   collection of Royal Academy of Turku from before the year 1827
15.00 MA Eeva Jonsson (Turun yliopisto): Money offerings and the Cult of the Virgin Mary in the St. Olaf’s Church in Jomala, Åland Islands