The Hall of the Old Town Hall

Here you’ll find a surprising combination of fashion, art and science. From the Middle Ages of course! Follow fashion shows, theatre and inspiring lectures.

Thu 28th of June

General Lectures by TUCEMEMS: Faith and Everyday Life in the Middle Ages (In Finnish)

12.00 PhD Marika Räsänen: Turku Celebrations in Year 1400
12.40 PhD Tom Linkinen: Medieval Theatre at the End of the Middle Ages and Now
13.20 PhD Sonja Hukantaival: Goat’s Skull and Cathedral – Medieval Folk Religion through the Eyes of an Archaeologist
14.00 Break
14.30 PhD Visa Immonen: Cape Koroinen in Year 1400
15.10 MA Jussi Kinnunen & PhD Janne Harjula: The Birch Bark Letter of Turku Cathedral Square
15.50 MA Anna-Stina Hägglund: Intercessions and Wishes about the Salvation of the Soul on the Donation Letters at the Naantali Monastery

Fri 29th of June

13.00 Medieval Fashion Show
14.30 Medieval Fashion Show
17.00 Storyteller Anna-Maria Toivonen: The Maiden Who Rose from the Sea (In Finnish)

Sat 30th of June

Public Seminar: Novgorod and Turku 1318 (In Finnish)

14.00 Professor Jukka Korpela (University of Eastern Finland): Novgorod and Turku as Parts of Late Viking Age and Early Hanseatic Trade World
14.45 Leading Reseacher Aleksandr Saksa (Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences): Commentary
15.00 Break
15.15 Professor Visa Immonen (University of Turku): Archaeological Perspective on the Visit of the Novgorodians
15.45 Leading Reseacher Aleksandr Saksa (Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences): Karelian Jewelry in Medieval Novgorod. On Relationship between City’s Boyar Courts and Carelian Population Centers.
16.15 PhD Kari Uotila (Muuritutkimus): Early 14th Century in Archaeological Excavations at Turku’s Cathedral School
16.45 PhD Janne Harjula and MA Jussi Kinnunen (University of Turku): The Turku Birch Bark Letter

Sun 1st of July

General Lectures by Finnish Numismatic Society (In Finnish)

13.00 Terhi Kivistö: Medieval Money Finds at the Kuusisto Castle
14.00 Docent Tuukka Talvio: Treasure of Turku 1851
15.00 PhD Ivar Leimus: Mayor of Reval Jacob Richerdes and Hammered Coinage in Turku