The Market Square

The Old Great Square is the center of the Medieval Market. Musicians of many kinds, jesters and the citizens of medieval Turku take us back to the Middle Ages.

Also amazing handicrafts and medieval delicacies are sold here.


Thursday 29.6. and Friday 30.6.

The Market Square is open from 12:00 to 20:00.

The Market Square

14.30 Declaration of Market Peace (Theatre)
15.00 Donation (Theatre)
15.30 Diviner Agnes (Theatre)
16.00 Leprosy (Theatre)
16.30 Jester Play (Theatre)
17.00 See You in Court! (Theatre)
17.30 Zealot (Theatre)
18.00 Bishop’s Visitation (Theatre)
18.30 Defense Arrangements (Theatre)
19.00 Asylum (Theatre)
19.30 The Closing Dance (Theatre and Dance)


Saturday 1.7. and Sunday 2.7.

The Market Square is open from 12.00 to 18.00

The Market Square

12.30 Declaration of Market Peace (Theatre)
13.00 Donation (Theatre)
13.30 Diviner Agnes (Theatre)
14.00 Leprosy (Theatre)
14.30 Jester Play (Theatre)
15.00 See You in Court! (Theatre)
15.30 Zealot (Theatre)
16.00 Bishop’s Visitation (Theatre)
16.30 Defense Arrangements (Theatre)
17.00 Asylum (Theatre)
17.30 The Closing Dance (Theatre and Dance)