The Stone Sauna

The Stone Sauna is a place for hilarious moments. Come to see and laugh your head off! Cooling drinks and tasty treats are sold at The Restaurant Haxen.

Thursday 29.6. and Friday 30.6.

12.00 Pukinsarven Tröötöttäjät (Music)
13.00 Jesters Performing (Circus)
13.45 Härkätien Leikarit (Music)
14.15 Satu & Niiki (Music)
14.45 Tuhkatarha (Music)
15.15 Vocal Group Raiku (Music)
15.45 Matron of The Stone Sauna? (Theatre)
16.15 Jesters Performing (Circus)
16.45 Next to God (Theatre)
17.15 Räikkä (Music)
17.45 Second-hand Virgin (Theatre)
18.15 Tuhkatarha (Music)
18.45 Matron Gets Taken for a Ride (Theatre)

Saturday 1.7. and Sunday 2.7.

12.45 Krabat (Music)
13.00 Jesters Performing (Circus)
13.45 Kivisaunan Matron? (Theatre)
14.00 Tuhkatarha (Music)
14.45 Next to God (Theatre)
15.00 Jesters Performing (Circus)
15.45 Second-hand Virgin (Theatre)
16.00 Tuhkatarha (Music)
16.45 Matron Gets Taken for a Ride (Theatre)
17.00 Räikkä (Music)