Thursday, 30 June 2022

The medieval market in 2022

Thursday 30.6.

from 12:00 to 20:00


The program will be completed, all changes to the schedules will be reserved.



The Old Great Market Square

(Vanha Suurtori)

14.30                 Market Play: Start of the Day

15.00                 Market play: There is always business for the healer

15.30                 Market Play: The blast incoming!

16.00                 Market play: Play by playwrights

16.30                 Market Play: Delicious Scents

17.00                 Market Play: The Routes of the King and Others

17.30                 Market Play: Women in Voice

18.00                 Market Play: Ode to the Water Barrel

18.30                 Market play: Roar at the market

19.00                 Market Play: An Encouragement for Good Behavior

19.30                 Market Play: End of the Day


Please note! The market play is in Finnish.


Children’s play yard

12.00-20.00                  Medieval plays and games

13.15                             Princess and Knight School

15.15                             Princess and Knight School


Guild’s yard (Brinkkala courtyard)

(The inner yard of Brinkkala mansion)

13.15                 Music program: Ratatosk

14.45                 Market Play: Academic Pursuits

15.15                 Music program: Ratchet

16.15                 Market Play: Between Heaven and Earth

16.45                 Market Play: The Lost Bride

17.45                 Market Play: Between Friends

19.00                 Music program: Spiritual Seasons


Please note! The market play is in Finnish.


Teini’s brewery

(The inner yard of Restaurant Teini)

12.15                 Music program: Satu Lankinen

14.15                 Music program: Ratatosk

17.15                 Music program: Ratchet

18.15                 Music program: Spiritual Seasons


Aura Riverside

12.00-20.00       Storbåt AURA introduces itself

13.00                  Music program: Räikkä

16.00                  Music program: Satu Lankinen

18.00                  Music program: Satu Lankinen


House of Art

12.00- 20.00      Eye-tracking study of the Looking History project

We are now looking for a large and diverse group of participants in an eye-tracking study on viewing historical images!

In a short research situation, the participant views the images on a computer screen and answers questions related to the images as well as a background information survey. The eye-tracking camera used in the study is used to see what is happening while viewing images with millisecond accuracy.

Note! There is a pre-registration for the program.

14.00                 Storytelling performance (Finnish): The Birth of the viper / AM Toivonen

16.15                 Storytelling performance (Finnish): What are you crying Ihtiriekko / AM Toivonen



Brinkkala Folk

20-23.30            Satu Lankinen


Spiritual Seasons